Odin Flash Tool for Samsung Galaxy Devices

Odin download is the first thing you do, if you want to flash stock firmware on Samsung Android devices. Here you can download Samsung Odin Flash tool for any Windows PC. Including the latest version Odin3 3.13.3, we are bringing you all the available versions of Odin Flash Tool for download.

Installation Guide

Odin for Linux | Odin for Mac


The Samsung Odin Tool provided by us is 100% free of cost. There is no need to pay a penny to use this software.


The Samsung Odin Tool is 100% secure and you can use it with peace of mind. It is created and maintained by Samsung officially.


The Odin Tool is compatible with a wide variety of Windows versions from Windows XP till Windows 10. Both 32-bit and 64-bit.


The Samsung Odin Tool we offer here is the official software created by Samsung for flashing Stock Firmware on Galaxy Android devices.


We have multiple versions of the Samsung Odin Tool which collectively support every single Samsung Galaxy out there.


The Samsung Odin tool available on this page is always updated to the latest version as and when an update is available.

What is Odin Flash Tool or Odin3?

Samsung Odin Flash tool is a Stock ROM/Firmware flashing tool for Samsung Galaxy Smartphones and Tablets running Android operating system. The tool was made by the manufacturer, Samsung itself, to be used internally and in its authorized service centers to flash stock firmware on their devices. But thanks to our beloved developers over at XDA (and other kind souls on the internet), who have been kind enough in sharing the updated versions of the Odin Tool with us.

Now that it is on the internet, you can freely download Odin Tool and use it to flash stock firmware on your Samsung Galaxy devices. But, the benefits of using the Odin Flash tool does not stop there. You could do a whole of other things with this powerful tool which we can see in the upcoming sections.

Why do we need Odin Flash Tool for Samsung Devices?

Android is the king of customizations. When I say customizations, I don’t just mean changing wallpapers, themes and icon packs. No sir. I also mean the real customization such as installing a custom recovery, taking full control of your device by installing a root package, installing a custom Kernel specially made for your device for performance improvements and much more.

Android, being very diverse the way it is, does not feel the same on all Android devices. For example, if you keep the Google Pixel 3 and Samsung Galaxy S10 side by side, you wouldn’t be able to tell they are running the same OS in the first glance. The reason is that Android OEMs modify and customize Android to add new features and functionalities to it gain a lead over other OEMs. You would not need a tool like Odin in order to flash stock firmware or a custom recovery on a Google Pixel or OnePlus device. They are built that way. And Samsung devices are built in a different way. And that’s why you need to download Odin for Samsung devices.

Odin Tool: Features

1. Flash Stock Firmware

With Odin, you can Flash stock firmware on your Samsung Device without tripping KNOX Counter (Knox is a security solution added to Samsung Galaxy devices by Samsung). So this is extremely useful to come with a fix in a condition like crash, boot loop or any issue related to software operations.

But the advantage does not stop there – it lets you install updates or stock firmware which are not yet available on your device. Samsung does not roll out updates worldwide in one go. It rolls out Android updates in a staged manner.  For example, Android Pie for your device is available for download in the Netherlands but not in your country, yet. You don’t have to wait for it to be available. Rather, you can download Samsung Stock Firmware of that country and install it on your own device. Pretty neat if you ask me.

2. Flash Custom Firmware (Flashing Custom ROM)

Flashing a Custom firmware stands for replacing content aiming modifications in the firmware. Odin allows an effective processing

3. Flash Recovery File (TWRP)

Like Stock and Custom firmware flashing Odin gives the chance for flash Stock or Custom Recovery. In that way, you will be able to add many sorts of functions to your Samsung Android device.

4. Flash Kernels ( .tar/.zip/.img)

Flashing Stock or Custom Kernels is possible. Notice, you must have Odin flashable custom kernel (.tar) and compatible with your Android device.

5. Flash Root Package (MD5 and .tar files)

Odin can Flash custom root packages such as SuperSU on your device to letting root access.

Understanding Odin Terminologies

In the official Odin Tool, there are a lot of abbreviations used and it might get confusing for a normal user and for the first time users. Here are a few brief explanations on what they mean.


CSC (Consumer Software Customization): It is specific to a particular geographical region and a carrier. It contains the software packages specific to that region/carrier (Settings such as APN settings).

PIT (Partition Information Table): You only need it if you screw up your partition table or if the firmware specifically requires it because of a change in the partition table layout. Most of the time, you can/should simply ignore this setting.

BL (Bootloader): As the name implies, this option is used to flash the Bootloader of the device.

AP (Application Processor or PDA): Android Partition (aka system partition) which has the core Android files. Under previous Odin versions, this was called “PDA”.

CP (Core Processor): This is used to flash the Modem of the particular device.

Download Odin | All Versions

While you can find all the available versions in the next section, here are some of the important versions, ready for quick download:

Description Recommended Version
Latest Version Odin3-v3.13.3.zip / Odin3-v3.13.1.zip
For Installing Modified Firmware Odin3-v3.13.1-3B-PatcheD.zip
For the latest Galaxy devices Prince-Comsy-Modified-ODIN.zip
For Marshmallow Firmware Odin3-v3.11.1.zip / Odin3-v3.10.7.zip
For KitKat/JellyBean Firmware Odin3-v3.09.zip
For ICS/GingerBread Firmware Odin3-v1.85.zip

And here are all the Odin Downloads:

File Name Download Link
Odin v1.30.zip Download
Odin v1.70.zip Download
Odin v1.82.zip Download
Odin v1.83.zip Download
Odin v1.84.zip Download
Odin v1.85.zip Download
Odin v1.86.zip Download
Odin v1.87.zip Download
Odin v2.10.zip Download
Odin v3.04.zip Download
Odin v3.06.zip Download
Odin v3.07.zip Download
Odin v3.09.zip Download
Odin v3.10.0.zip Download
Odin v3.10.5.zip Download
Odin v3.10.6.zip Download
Odin v3.10.7.zip Download
Odin v3.11.1.zip Download
Odin v3.11.2.zip Download
Odin v3.12.3.zip Download
Odin v3.12.4.zip Download
Odin v3.12.5.zip Download
Odin v3.12.7.zip Download
Odin v3.12.10.zip Download
Odin v3.13.1.zip Download
Odin v3.13.3.zip Download
Odin v3.13.1-3B PatcheD.zip Download
Modded Odin v3.13.1 Raymonf.zip Download
Prince Comsy Modified ODIN.zip Download

Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Make a complete back up of your device before proceeding.
  2. Make sure you have the latest Samsung USB Driver installed on your Windows computer.
  3. Always use the latest version of the tool for better results. If your device is running on an older Android version, use the appropriate verison for that.
  4. Make sure you have the right files made for your device. Using wrong files with Odin could brick your device.
  5. Make sure you have at least a 60% battery left on your device.
  6. For Linux and Mac, check these: Odin for Linux | Odin for Mac
  7. If you are using Windows PC, make sure you have the latest ADB and Fastboot Drivers